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What is in the box!?

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How to play!

Oh Crap! you are out of weed! Players must race around the board dodging real life stoner issues to collect an Ounce of weed! First player who arrives back home with the Green wins!


Player Rolls:

The Boss - Is the banker that keeps tabs on the exchanging of money and weed. 


Tokens (Joints) = 1 Quarter of Weed - 4 Quarters = an Ounce



Magical Nug - Magical Nug will grant you the gift of weed! But you must roll an even number to receive your token.


Ditch Weed - Oh no! You got ditch weed man! Give ‘The Boss’ 1 of your tokens so they can dispose of it. 


The Five-O - You were pulled over now it is time to see what kind of cop you have! 

  • Roll an even number and get a good cop. This means you lose all of your tokens, lose a turn and you must pay the $50 bail.

  • Roll an odd number and get a bad cop. You have a choice to go to jail for one turn and keep your money and tokens or Pay off the cop with $25 and 1 token and stay where you are. 


Dealers House - Every time you get to a dealers house you grab 1 token. 


Stoner Card - Player takes a Stoner Card from the deck.


Dealer Card - Player takes a Dealer Card from the deck.


Take a step back bro! - DON’T GET TO CLOSE BRO! Move one space back.


Take the High Road - Things are going smooth, move three spaces ahead. 

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