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The Full Story


   Attack from Marrs Games started in Chicago, IL. in 2018. We are a indie game company that publishes and designs party games. Right now, owner Liz Marr, who created SUMMONED, works solo with some volunteer help from local friends. SUMMONED is the first of many games to come, we have another kickstart in the works! Attack from Marrs Games is a company that gives opportunity to other creative folks based on their creative talents. We believe in getting the "underdogs" seen and celebrated!   

   Due to the Covid Pandemic Attack from Marrs Games has started a streaming channel on twitch called AFMG which helped us work with the video game community too. We have plans on building a video game version of our Party Game SUMMONED and starting our new and improved Podcast!   

   Attack from Marrs Games is also opening up a food truck / board game café in Milwaukee, WI. in 2021. Dates TBD. We want to create a place where people can experience what we make. Also a place we can hang out with the people who enjoy it!" Stay Weird and Stay Creative!"



AFMG's mission is to build a company that gives opportunities to talented creatives that need help to be seen. 


2018 - Attack from Marrs Games Started

2019 - Published our first game SUMMONED 

2019 - Started our podcast AFMG

2020 - Attack from Marrs Games is now a LLC

2021 - Started our twitch channel AFMG 

2021 - The start of AFMG Cafe (Coming Soon)

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