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4 - 20


60 - 90mins

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Turn Based Game

The game starts with a DEMON Player, This is the active player for the round. The DEMON player must find a  VICTIM player of their choice to give a CURSE CARD to. Once the VICTIM completes their CURSE CARD, the VICTIM turns into the DEMON. 

If a VICTIM player refuses their CURSED CARD. the DEMON will get that card back, giving them that point. The VICTIM still turns into the DEMON. 

Complete your Curse

On each CURSE CARD, there is a Dare that the VICTIM  must complete in 5 mins.  Once the VICTIM completes their Dare, they  will keep their CURSE CARD  which earns them a point.

If a VICTIM player refuses their CURSED CARD, they must give it back to the DEMON. This means the VICTIM losses that point.



Idea of the Game

The Idea is to complete as many CURSE CARDs as possible before the party ends.  Think of this game as a Clue, Dare and Tag game all in one. Your objective is to  move  the  DEMON players quickly to find their chosen VICTIMS. The PLAYER with the most cards WINS THE GAME! 



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Photo by Stephen Tuplin of Echo/White/Fox

A group of friends arrive at their friend’s house. They wanted to pre-game before they go out to party. After a few drinks, one of the friends decided to wander off into their friend's house to look around. While walking through the halls they found a room where a glimpse of an old Ouija Board appeared.  The board had what looked like scribbled words written on it. So, the wandering friend tried to read the words on the board out loud. As they were reading, the wandering friend heard a loud noise and saw a dark figure appear from the shadows. As the dark figure approached, it whispered “I give you the curse of the DEMON".  The Dark figure then disappeared back into the shadows. 

The wandering friend looked down at their hands and found a deck of cards! Confused about everything that happened, they pick up the first card. The Card had a note attached to it, "I give you the curse of the DEMON! On these cards, there is a task. If you can get another person to perform a task on one of these cards, your curse will be lifted and given to them." The wandering friend looked down at their hand, and realized they were starting to turn into something evil. The wandering friend started walking back to the other room where everyone was hanging out. They know now, what needs to be done so this evil transformation can stop. 

Let the Games Begin!

The Demon
The Demon is the active player. Who curses
Victim players with a Curse Card. Demons 
must pick a Victim and match them with
a Curse Card  they believe the Victim can't
Victims are the non active players. They will use their wit to find ways to complete as many Curse Cards as possible.

Each Curse Card  contains a Dare for players to

complete. Each Curse Card is worth a point. The player with the most Curse Cards by the

end of the game wins!



















  • Each player draws five Curse Cards.


  • One Demon is chosen by the group. The Demon that starts the game receives an extra Curse Card, for a total of six cards.


  • The Demon will hand one of their Curse Cards to their first Victim. The Victim then reads the card out loud.


  • The Victim has a choice to accept or refuse the Curse Card.



ACCEPTING A CARD: The Victim performs the Curse Card dare. If the Victim is successful and completes their dare, the Victim will keep their Curse Card, earning them a point. The Victim becomes the next Demon, and the next round begins.


REFUSING A CARD: If the Victim refuses to perform a Curse Card dare, they must give the Curse Card back to the Demon. The Victim becomes the next Demon, and the next round begins.

The Demon Receiving the Refused Cuse Card. Will discard that Curse to the bottom of the deck. Then grab a new Curse Card

from the top of the deck.



Player with the most cards by the end of game wins.      



Each Curse Ability Pack gives certain players an advantage in SUMMONED. Ability Cards are worth 1/2 Point 
each and can only be used once a game. 
Curse Ability Pack is sold separately.

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Photo by Stephen Tuplin of Echo/White/Fox
Curse Card 2.png
CURSE CARDS have actions that VICTIMS must complete to keep their CURSE CARD that is worth 1 Point. 

Add a little extra HELL to your game by getting a Curse Ability Pack!

(Sold Separately)


These special bonus cards are only worth 1/2 point to the VICTIM or DEMON who receives this card. CURSE ABILITY CARDS are

bonus cards that can give a DEMON or a VICTIM special abilities to benefit them during their turn. 

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